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Electric underfloor heating Warmup

Electric underfloor heating is widely used worldwide. The great thing about electric underfloor heating is that it is an electrical resistance. It works or it doesn't work; faults will not come from the heating cable. If it works when installed, is installed correctly (e.g. it cannot burn) and the situation has not changed then the cable should work. Another great advantage of electric heating is that it can be done depending on the space. Because the mats or cables are not dependent on a central heat source, every room can be heated on demand without loss of efficiency.

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Advantages of underfloor heating compared to central heating systems

This brings us to another important advantage of electric underfloor heating; there is no transport loss of heat. In traditional central heating systems, gas is burned (a process in which energy is lost), which is used to heat the water (where energy is again lost) and then the warm central heating water is brought through pipes (again energy loss) to the radiator where the heat is delivered to the space. With underfloor heating, specifically with electric underfloor heating, the heat is only emitted where it is desired.

Different types of electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is mainly sold in four different types:

  1. Electric mats for use in leveling layers or tile adhesive. This system is most comparable to underfloor heating via the central heating boiler. This system is suitable for (large) symmetrical spaces;
  2. Electrical cable (loose cable) for use in leveling layers or tile adhesive. This system can also be compared with traditional underfloor heating via the central heating boiler. This system is suitable for (large) asymmetrical spaces;
  3. Mats for laminate floors. These mats are suitable for installation directly under a laminate floor or other floating floor. These systems are suitable for (larger) symmetrical spaces;
  4. Concrete cables. These cables are incorporated into the concrete floor of the house. This system is mainly used in new construction situations.
    The electric mats and concrete cable systems are available both as main heating and in the form of a main heating system. A power of 200 watts per m2 is used for main heating for the mats. For additional heating, a capacity of approximately 150 watts per m2 applies. With concrete cable systems and loose electrical cable systems, the application as main or additional heating is determined by the laying distance between the wires.

Maintenance of electric underfloor heating

A nice additional advantage of electric underfloor heating is that it no longer requires maintenance after installation. The costs of maintaining a central heating boiler, flushing or bleeding pipes are no longer necessary. The only maintenance required is that of the thermostat; With a smart thermostat, the software will need an update on a regular basis. However, our thermostats also do that themselves.

To use insulation or not?

Many people wonder whether it is wise to invest extra in insulation under underfloor heating. The answer to that is, without a doubt, yes! For example, when using our insulation boards for electric underfloor heating mats, you can shorten the warm-up time by up to 60% and reduce power consumption by up to 50% (depending on the thickness of the insulation).
By applying insulation directly under the underfloor heating, the heat is directed upwards; where you want the warmth. This means you heat less of the mass under the floor. This makes your underfloor heating much more efficient.

How long does delivery take approximately?

This varies per article. Are you only ordering a thermostat? This is usually delivered within two to 3 working days. Are you ordering underfloor heating and insulation for an entire floor of your house? This is usually delivered within five to seven working days. This is because we often have to transport the items per pallet. That takes a little more time.

Did the product break within the warranty period?

We will also start working on this immediately. In this case, it is important to check whether anything has changed in the area surrounding the underfloor heating. Can you check what's broken? Is it the thermostat or is it the underfloor heating itself? Has anyone been working on the meter cupboard? Has the thermostat been on and off? Has the thermostat been moved? Has a hole been drilled in the floor where the underfloor heating is located? There can be many causes for the system not functioning. Try to exclude as much as possible. Also take a look at the instructions for use of both the underfloor heating and the thermostat and look for solutions here. Do these solutions not help or do you want to speak to someone? Then contact us via email. We will call you back as soon as possible.

If the product no longer works, we offer various guarantees:

  • The thermostat has a full three-year warranty. We will supply a new one free of charge.
  • The SPM StickyMat, DCM-PRO and Warmup loose cable have a lifetime warranty. There are some conditions that prohibit this. You can find this in the operating instructions for the underfloor heating. Do you meet the conditions? Then you will receive new underfloor heating free of charge.
  • The Warmup foil heater has a 15-year warranty.
  • The Warmup concrete cable has a 10-year warranty.

If your answer is not here, please Contact contact us via the e-mail or via +31 (0)182 399 837.

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